... in ... *sigh*

I think I have a crush on a woman in my year at the uni. She's beautiful. Nice, very talented. A mum of three. Her name starts with M.

She said we should start a commune together. She made a joke of course. Then explained that she meant something like sharing the babysitting duties (I'm a mum too.), but my dirty mind painted a picture of days spent in orgies before my eyes. Stared at her round bum at the lecture later.


Or I don't know. Maybe it is a bit reciprocal. A tiny bit? Because I'd just told her that she's beautiful earlier that day. Or something. Actually I said that her new hairdo suited her. Made her younger, etc, but I meant that she was beautiful and I think that it was all over my face. I'm the heart on my sleeve type unfortunately. Can't lie worth shit.



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So nice of you to drop by. I started this journal to read others, but it seems that I need to start writing now too.

I have some fanfiction from Harry Potter world, which you can read at fanfiction.net, but now I've started writing Johnlock form Sherlockverse. We'll see how that goes. If you want to beta me, PM. Here's a bite of the story I need plot/characterisation beta for.


Sherlock frowns. “Aren’t you angry?”

“How would that help? Besides it’s not the first time you’ve caused me severe physical discomfort. On the scale of one to ten it’s four at best.“

Sherlock finds himself smiling and there’s a moment where they just sit and look at each other. John swallows thickly, there’s something in his eyes and Sherlock finds himself leaning slightly forward. He raises his hand and touches his friend’s cheek. John’s eyes widen and he jerks back. Sherlock’s hand drops and he tears his gaze back towards the fireplace.

“Well, lately you have been rather angry,” he resumes as if nothing had happened. To his surprise, his voice is even and casual. “Snapping at anything. I wasn’t sure if it was work or life in general, or Craig or… me.”

John nods. Sherlock senses waves of tension coming off from/of John, hears him clearing his throat and turns to look at him. John’s face is the picture of utter misery and regret. When he opens his mouth to speak Sherlock panics.

“I just remembered, we are out of analgesic.” He jumps up. “I’m going to drop by the chemists, it might close soon.”

He never wants to see John looking at him like that again.


Beta anyone? Pretty please? :D